The Beginning

My Story

Have you ever experienced that happy jolt of energy that makes you want to scream “YEAH!” out load. You know. That energy that permeates your entire being and instinctively makes you want to sing “because I’m happy” while trying to do all the dance moves you saw in the Pharrell Williams video right there on the spot! For me, that feeling happens every time I think about creating a new cake plate story for my clients.

People call me “SweetBee”, aka the Cake Lady! It’s a name that just seemed to stick after many years of baking and serving friends and the community I love. I started creating cakes early on as you will see in my Sandbox Story and although my ingredients have evolved from mud to exquisite buttercream, I still bring the same sense of fun and adventure to every cake I make!

My journey has been one filled with joy, surprises and hardship. My parents told me at a young age, “If you want anything in life, you have to work hard for it”. And so I have. Armed with my baking pans and the support of family and friends, The Cake Plate Diaries is the culmination of many years of dreaming, working hard, learning and baking.

I look at every cake design as the beginning of a new story. It is my pleasure and passion to share in your unique story and make your cake plate experience exciting, and an unforgettable true reflection of you.

Stay sweet and share your story with cake!



The Cake Plate Diaries
Our manifesto is about the story, and bringing that story to CAKE! Cake is sweet, and so is life! We love sharing all the moments with family and friends. What’s on YOUR cake plate?

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