My Sandbox Story

A Three Tiered Mud Cake...

As she peaked her head out ever so slowly from behind her new hiding place, with disapproving eyes, she simultaneously reached for the binoculars attached to her belt. As she zoomed her plastic lens into focus, she spotted her prize. But it was so far away. It was at least two lawns and a cracked step away. She scanned the area for a closer flower bed, but her gaze instinctively returned to the beautiful and fragrant lilacs that were nestled in Mrs. Grey’s prized garden. “Nothing else will do”, she thought, “and besides, the completion of your masterpiece hangs in the balance”.

“I’m going in!” she exclaimed into the walkie talkie she pulled from her pocket.

“Are you sure?…I can’t see anything from behind this shrub!”, the voice replied.

“If I dart across the lawn, jump over the cracked step, duck, pluck, and sprint fast, I should be ok!”, she answered back. “It’s now or never…..”


But it was too late. She had already tucked the walkie back in her pocket, which muffled the message. With lightning speed, she rose up from behind the boulder and sprinted across the lawns, her eyes fixed on the lilacs. As she leaped over the cracked step she could see Lori jumping up and down waving her arms wildly, but she was too far away to be heard clearly. As she took her last step, she stood directly in front of the lilacs. As she reached down to pluck her prize, it happened……

“Hi Susan!”

Susan froze. Disappointment set in. It was as though her Barbie had crashed her car and Ken was hanging out over the dash. It’s all over, Susan thought. Hours of planning, wasted! Taking a deep breath, she stood up. “No, we will not go out like THIS!” she thought.

“Hi Mrs. Grey! You look stunning today! Just beautiful! Like your lilacs!” Susan leaned over to take an extra-long sniff of their intoxicating fragrance.

“Well….thanks.” Mrs. Grey replied as she looked around. “Have you seen the neighbor’s cat? He likes to make a mess of my garden…”

“Nope, not today, not yet.

“Alright, well I’m off to lunch.” Mrs. Grey slowly made her way up her steps into her house, leaving Susan alone on the grass, standing in front of her garden. Staring down, the world seemed to stop moving. Without thought she ducked, plucked, and ran as fast as her legs could carry her around the row of houses to her ashenfaced best friend who was waiting in disbelief.

“I GOT THEM LORI!”, Susan wailed in triumph.

“But Mrs. Grey…”, Lori stuttered.

“Don’t worry, she’ll think it was the cat….”

As they walked around the houses to the sandbox around the corner, Susan spotted her masterpiece. A threetiered mud cake adored with acorns, crabapples, and dandelions stood in the center of their dolls, which were lined up and flopping over in anticipation of the celebration. Susan placed the Lilacs gently on the top tier.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed, as the two sat down and starred at the completed product.

“What are we going to use for the next masterpiece?” Lori asked. “Mrs. Phillip’s lilies look just about ready for picking….”

They looked at each other and giggled. It was going to be a lovely cake celebration!

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